What is teedu.co.za?
Teedu.co.za offers an experience which combines photo sharing and social interaction to allow its users to share photos and experiences, while earning points and prizes, and having fun at the same time.
Can I remove my Mission photo ?
Yes. Simply login and go to "My Teedu" then click "My Missions". Chose the Mission you want to remove and click "Delete". Please note that the points allocated to you for this Mission will also be reversed. And any entries into competitions will be removed.
Can I register under more than one account?
You may only have one account listed with teedu.co.za. Your account is linked to your Facebook account, and you MUST be registered with Facebook in order to use Teedu.
How can I change the name displayed on Teedu ?
Simply log into your account, and click on "My Teedu" then "Profile". Add a "username" and click on "Update". You posts will now display the username you chose and not your Facebook name.