How It Works!



The Basic principle

  1. Select a Mission from those available. 

  2. Take a picture of yourself, according to the instructions in the Mission details.

  3. Upload the picture, by clicking on the "Completed" button on the Mission screen.

Earning points and moving on up the levels.

  1. Each Mission has its own points allocated to it.

  2. Complete the Mission and earn the points.

  3. Some Missions are only available to higher level players, so level up and get the good ones.

Challenge your friends

  1. Click on the "Challenge" button on the Mission screen, this will post a message to your facebook profile. 

  2. Your friends will hopefully click the link and respond to your challenge.

  3. Complete the Mission with your friends, and upload your photo.


Achievements are earned by doing various things on the website. As you earn a specific achievement your account will also be credited with the number of points associated with that achievement.

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